Complete Guide to Travel with Miles and Points (beta)

Course description

Have you ever traveled overseas without spending more than $100 on your round trip flight and 7 nights at a hotel?

I do it all the time using points and miles! And I want to teach you how you can too!

This course will cover the basics of collecting points/miles as well as advanced tactics and strategies to maximize the value of your points/miles.

There will be 11 lessons that you can take at your own pace. (In total, there is roughly 1.5 hours of course content.)

The goal of this course is to rapidly grow your knowledge on all things travel with points and miles.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and insight needed to start traveling with points and miles right away.

At the completion of the course, I am also going to provide a free 15 minute phone or videochat consultative session.

It will also be an opportunity for you to ask me directly any questions that you may have regarding points and travel.

Lessons 5-11 will be posted one lesson per week through June 7th.

This beta version will be available for free through June 15, 2017. All I ask for in return is an honest review or feedback on how to improve the course.

After June 15, 2017 the course will officially launch at a price of $29.99 for 30 days of unlimited access to:

  • video presentations
  • audio only files
  • PDF documents
  • other exclusive resources

For both the beta and the final version, enrollment will be limited to the first 20 people.

Patrick T

Patrick T

Travel with Miles and Points Enthusiast

Self-taught miles and points collector and maximizer. I travel the world in search of adventure, good food, music, and new experiences. My goal is to empower you to travel with points and miles, so that you too can redirect your money from a hotel or plane ticket toward more tasty, exciting, and memorable experiences!

Visit my website for my most recent trip reports using points and miles

Course Includes

4 Videos

4 PDFs

4 Audios

3.0 hrs